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This webpage provides information about current and future incidents related to CEDA and JASMIN services.

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Status meaning: 

  • Offline - affected services completely unavailable
  • Degraded - some services unavailable, either completely or not working to their full ability
  • At risk - affected services available, but at significant risk of outage
  • Normal - normal service

Current Service

Last updated Current Status Services affected Updates
2023-08-31 15:46 At risk LOTUS cluster, sci machines, software, SMF
  • Storage for /gws/smf/* and /apps/jasmin now migrated. No change to users.
  • LOTUS queues now reopened but throughput initially slow while some nodes being rebooted
  • Other systems mounting above storage to be rebooted: tenancy sci machine managers recommended to reboot their own sci machines via the cloud portal
  • Network currently stable but at risk until further intervention

Future Incidents

Date of incident Status Services affected Updates
23rd October 2023 for up to two weeks Offline All CEDA Archive and JASMIN services. Any service that relies on the JASMIN infrastructure will be impacted.

26 July 2023 - Further information will be shared in due course. We currently have limited information from our host institution. The initial announcement about this can be found here.

03 August 2023 - Date announced alongside more information regarding shutdown and our impact reduction plan. Find the announcement here.

08 September 2023 - Shutdown timeline announced. Find the full announcement here.