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JASMIN - situated at STFC's Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
JASMIN - situated at STFC's Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

JASMIN is a globally unique data intensive supercomputer for environmental science. Over 160 science projects are currently supported, covering topics ranging from climate science and oceanography to air pollution, earthquake deformation and analysis of wildlife populations.

JASMIN supports the data analysis requirements of the UK and European climate and earth system modelling community. It consists of multi-Petabyte fast storage co-located with data analysis computing facilities, with dedicated light paths to various key facilities and institutes within the community.


The ever-increasing volumes of environmental datasets (such as satellite imagery) require processing platforms and specialist tools. JASMIN serves the scientific community by providing a range of computing services (batch, interactive, community cloud), supporting a variety of data types in a scalable environment, as scientists bring their data to JASMIN.


JASMIN is a shared resource for NERC’s environmental science community, encouraging communication and inter-disciplinary working between diverse scientific groups within that community. This helps to reduce duplication of data, effort and resources.


JASMIN provides access to different types of data resources:
• Curated data in the CEDA Archive
• Collaborative data in shared workspaces
Many archive datasets are freely available for reuse. Datasets produced within collaborative workspaces can be identified and passed to the CEDA Archive for curation, discovery and widespread reuse.


JASMIN allows scientists to carry out research that would not otherwise be possible. Examples of science enabled by JASMIN include:
• improving predictions of earthquakes
• monitoring trends in UK wildlife biodiversity
• improving volcano monitoring
• developing the next generation of climate models
• improving reliability of weather prediction
• modelling plant health
• improving understanding of extreme weather
• impacts of climate change on food production
... amongst many others!

If you are interested in using JASMIN, find out how to get access here. You can also find more information on the JASMIN website

JASMIN is deployed on behalf of NERC at the STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL). It is jointly managed by CEDA and STFC's Scientific Computing department. 

Responsible staff

Matt Pritchard

JASMIN Operations Manager