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C3S Regional Climate Projections for CDS

Making regional climate projections data available via an Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF) node

ESA DAP support for UKSA

Representing UKSA in LTDP Working Group and PV2018 Conference Organisation


Providing support and upgraded services to the IPCC Designated Data Centre

MOHC Data Pipeline

Supporting CMIP climate model data movement from the Met Office to the CEDA archive and ESGF

C3S311a Lot 2 (in-situ obs for Copernicus)

Providing a step change in access to, and quality of, global long-term land and surface-ocean Essential Climate Variable (ECV) records

C3S_34g: Extension of the CDS Global Climate Model datasets to CMIP6 simulations

Providing access to a coherant collection of quality assured climate projects, building upon previous project

C3S_34f: Maintenance of the dedicated C3S ESGF infrastructure for CMIP Global Climate Models

Infrastructure and data that were supplied to C3S under a previous contract (C3S_34a Lot1) continue to be provided to support continuing work on other projects.

IS-ENES3: Infrastructure for the European Network for Earth System Modelling (2019 - 2022)

Supporting the publication, replication, documentation and distribution of climate projections data

CCI Knowledge Exchange

Provide central access to ESA Climate Change Initiative Data Products and information

UKCP18 Services 20-21

To provide data services to support access to the next generation of climate projections for the UK (2018)

Met Office: Support for Ensembles

Providing storage and services for large climate multi-model ensembles, like CMIP6 data

ESA Digital Twin Earth Precursor

Providing expertise to develop a climate focused proof of concept, bringing models, data, AI and ICT together

JASMIN support to JNCC

Support Defra-JNCC for the production and data management of Sentinel Analysis Ready Data

UKRI Net-Zero Digital Research Infrastructure (DRI) Scoping Project

CCI Open Data Portal

Providing central access to ESA Climate Change Initiative Data Products and information


Derivation of surface air temperature consistently across all surfaces of Earth from land and lakes to ocean and ice


The integration of ground and space observations leads to a series of new downstream products (biodiversity indicators)


Building nine new climate datasets from Earth Observation using a rigorous treatment of uncertainty, informed from the discipline of metrology


Developing a new generation of global high-resolution climate models

Sentinel Data Relay Hub

Operating a data relay hub for ESA Sentinel Ground Segment

C3S Climate Projections for CDS

Providing access to a coherent collection of quality assured climate projections

CDS Zone

The UK Climate Data from Space zone (CDS zone) is a dedicated computing area comprising 400TB storage and 200 processing cores on JASMIN

Pest Risk Modelling in Africa (PRISE)

Improving the livelihoods of smallholder farmers by reducing crop losses caused by pests across six sub-Saharan African countries.

UKCP09 User Interface

Providing access to the UK Climate Projections (2009) via a web-interface and web processing service

UKCP18 Services

Providing data services to support access to the next generation of climate projections for the UK

UKSA Copernicus Data Support

Acquiring and archiving Copernicus Sentinel data from all satellites


Providing access to climate information of direct relevance to a wide variety of users, from scientists to policy makers and private sector decision makers.

C3S Oceans Data Archival

Making ocean satellite data available to the C3S Climate Data Store

CDS Zone 20-21

Provide services to support processing of essential climate variables for the Copernicus Climate Change Service

C3S_434: CDS Interface to Climate-ADAPT

Automated the provision of climate datasets from the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) Climate Data Store to Climate-ADAPT portal

C3S_34e: The Link between the CDS Toolbox and the ESGF Compute Nodes

Improvement on the WPS link for C3S to access climate simulations.