Advance notice of JASMIN power maintenance Autumn 2023

Posted on July 25, 2023 (Last modified on October 19, 2023) • 1 min read • 170 words
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Dear Users,

Please be advised that at some point between October and the end of the year, work will take place in the data centre (machine room) where JASMIN is hosted to carry out safety checks and 5-yearly recertification of power supply equipment.

All options have been explored by STFC (JASMIN’s host organisation) to minimise the possible impact on users, but despite this, it is likely that JASMIN will be unavailable for a period of up to 2 weeks, hence this early warning. This would affect ALL CEDA and JASMIN services.

We will be working with STFC’s Digital Infrastructure group to develop plans for this unavoidable intervention which make sure that the work is carried out in the least disruptive way possible, including scheduling other maintenance work during the same period.

As yet, dates are not confirmed, but we will keep you informed as soon as further details become available.

Please look out for further notices about this in the coming weeks.

With apologies for any inconvenience caused,


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