CEDA Document Repository Move to Zenodo Thursday 24th November

Posted on November 22, 2022 (Last modified on October 19, 2023) • 4 min read • 654 words
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On Thursday 22nd November we’ll be transferring items from the CEDA Document Repository service to Zenodo, a service operated by CERN, where CEDA will maintain a ‘CEDA Document Repository Community’ to aid access to dataset related documentation.

This new approach by CEDA will give additional benefits to users wishing to supply dataset related items (e.g. calibration details, code, documentation etc) at the same time reducing the overall support overheads for CEDA.

For more information on this change read on.

The history of the CEDA Document Repository service.

CEDA originally set up the CEDA Document Repository to act as a ‘grey literature’ store to support CEDA’s community, to aid access to items that relate to, and aid the use of, data in the CEDA archives. This was one of the outputs of the “Overlay Journal Infrastructure for Meteorological Sciences (OJIMS) project”, and was launched on 30 October 2008, since which time over 1250 items have been deposited.

Why the move to Zenodo?

The present CEDA Document Repository relies on CEDA operating a dedicated EPrints service with all the associated efforts required to ensure that it remains up to date and secure. At the time it was first made available generic services such as Zenodo were not available, but now offer an excellent alternative.

Though CEDA could add additional functionality to the present service Zenodo already offers these features and provides users additional options too. These include:

  • Ability to link to ORCID Ids and profiles
  • Free DOI minting for items
  • Excellent version control and use of other identifiers/linking to related resources
  • Option to (auto)publish releases from Github repositories
  • Option of submitting items to multiple Zenodo ‘Communities’

What will happen to items in the CEDA Document Repository

CEDA will upload all files and associated ‘metadata’ to Zenodo from the CEDA Document Repository, adding these automatically to the CEDA Document Repository Community on Zenodo. The metadata field matching isn’t exact, but we’ve preserved all the necessary information on the Zenodo items as best as possible.

Additionally, we’ve added in details of the URL where the item was formerly held to aid traceability of the resource and we’ll set up a redirect service to these new items from the old URLs to ensure that old references to items in the CEDA Document Repository service will resolve to their Zenodo equivalent… And as these will get a DOI each this will greatly aid future discoverability of these items!

What’s the scope of this new Zenodo community for CEDA Document providers?

The scope of the CEDA Document Community within Zenodo mirrors that for the CEDA Document service - i.e. it is for items of ‘grey literature’ that are related to CEDA and its services. For example, calibation details, format documentation, flight logs etc. that relate to data held in the CEDA Archives, or items such as relevant presentations relating to data holdings or CEDA work as a whole.

Note, though, as for all other data centres in the NERC Environemtnal Data Service, Zenodo is not deemed to be an acceptable repository for NERC funded data. Such data must be offered to a NERC data centre in line with the NERC Data Policy.

What about the original item owners? What do they need to do?

As CEDA will be managing the transfer of all items to Zenodo there are no additional steps needed by the original depositors of content in the CEDA Document Repository.  Once the migration has been completed we will:

  • Update catalogue links to items
  • Message original depositors to let them know their items have been transferred

The original depositors will then have the option of creating their own Zenodo user account and then messaging the CEDA Helpdesk to request transfer of ownership of Zenodo items. We will then get in touch with Zenodo to ask for these to be transferred to the original owner.

If you have any questions or comments please get in touch with the CEDA helpdesk.

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