Your current and future needs for AI - Review of UK Digital Research Infrastructure for AI

Posted on March 18, 2022 (Last modified on October 19, 2023) • 2 min read • 225 words
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Technopolis, on behalf of The Alan Turing Institute and UKRI, is carrying out a review to understand the UK research and innovation community’s future requirements for Digital Research Infrastructure for AI.

You are invited to contribute to a short online survey about your current and future needs in relation to compute, data access and skills for AI research and innovation in the UK.

This survey is for academic and industry researchers who are either developing or applying AI for their work, or already using publicly funded Digital Research Infrastructure with an interest in exploring/ adopting AI in the near future. 

Your contributions will be crucial in delivering a comprehensive review, and in shaping the UK’s future investments in digital research infrastructure.

All data and opinions shared with the study team will be treated with the strictest confidentiality and all information will only be analysed in an aggregate manner.

The survey will take approx. 20 minutes and can be accessed via the following link

The survey primarily asks about individual needs and interests, so we also encourage you to share this link with your colleagues and collaborators. The review seeks a diverse and representative range of views from across the UK’s research and innovation sectors.

Should you have any further questions regarding the study, please get in touch with the study’s deputy project manager Charlotte Glass.

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