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Posted on January 24, 2022 (Last modified on October 19, 2023) • 2 min read • 299 words
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There are several exciting opportunities for students to work with the CEDA team. 

Deadline for all roles is 6th March 2022, however, you are advised to submit your application as soon as possible as we reserve the right to close the vacancies once we have received sufficient applications.  

12 week summer placements

Net Zero Project Engagement Assistant Summer Placement - two roles availableThe applicants will join the team running the project office for the UKRI initiative to draft a roadmap to achieve net zero carbon emissions for UKRI’s digital research infrastructures (DRIs). 

Main tasks will include: 

  • Support communication activities within the team, i.e. social media, written communication, newsletters and website editing
  • Support the team with delivering events e.g. creating web pages, producing feedback and evaluation reports
  • Develop ideas for how the project can communicate its findings

Apply here: Net Zero Project Engagement Assistant Summer Placement

Assistant Atmospheric Data Scientist Summer Placement - one role available

The appointee will join a team providing atmospheric and climate data to the research community. Primary responsibilities will be supporting the data management and curation of atmospheric and earth observation data including key climate change datasets.  

Tasks will include:  

  • Formatting data for long term preservation and accessibility
  • Quality control checks
  • Updating discovery metadata catalogue records

Apply here: Assistant Atmospheric Data Scientist Summer Placement

12 month placement

Software Developer Industrial Placement - one role available

The placement will involve a range of tasks that might include: 

  • Maintenance of existing software systems
  • Development of scripts and tools to perform data management and analysis
  • Design and development of larger software systems/applications
  • Development of Django (python) web applications and web APIs.
  • Interactions with scientists/developers
  • Development of tools for working with large data sets and batch processing systems
  • Exploratory work with new technologies

Apply here: Software Developer Industrial Placement

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