JASMIN Migration to CentOS7 & LSF replacement with SLURM UPDATE 11

Posted on September 16, 2020 (Last modified on October 19, 2023) • 2 min read • 246 words
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Dear JASMIN users,

This message includes information about the following:

  1. New high-memory CentOS7 sci machines
  2. Retiring RHEL6 high-mem Sci machines on Friday 25th September
  3. Hpxfer servers
Details of the update
  1. The new high-memory (1TB) CentOS7 scientific analysis server with SLURM enabled sci3.jasmin.ac.uk and sci6.jasmin.ac.uk  and  sci8.jasmin.ac.uk are available for users to use

  2. The RHEL6 high-memory scientific analysis servers will be retired on Friday 25th September:




  1. Hpxfer servers

Although the existing hpxfer (high-performance transfer) servers jasmin-xfer[2,3].ceda.ac.uk will remain in service until October (date TBC), the first new hpxfer server is now available at hpxfer1.jasmin.ac.uk. This has the same configuration as its predecessor jasmin-xfer2.ceda.ac.uk so all users who were able to access the old machine should now try to use this new one in the same way. Note that this requires the additional hpxfer access role and IP address specified in the hpxfer signup process on the JASMIN accounts portal. Further machines in this series are planned: please look out for further updates.

Plans for updates to mass-cli1: We are currently working on replacements for the “mass-cli1”. More information about the new configurations will be provided in future communications. 

Update on JASMIN software on CentOS7 hosted on “/apps/contrib/”: work is in progress to update and migrate software installed under: “/apps/contrib/”. More information will be provided soon.

Previous announcements on this topic are detailed here: https://www.ceda.ac.uk/search/?q=centos7 

Thank you for your attention and please look out for further updates as this work progresses. 


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