JASMIN Migration to CentOS7 & LSF replacement with SLURM UPDATE 8

Posted on June 5, 2020 (Last modified on October 19, 2023) • 2 min read • 247 words
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Dear JASMIN users,

This message includes information about the following:

  1. Update on SLURM & CentOS7 LOTUS cluster
  2. New MPI implementation on LOTUS
  3. SLURM/LOTUS webinar
  4. LSF-managed LOTUS resources to be reduced from mid-June.

Important reminder about the timescale: the current batch system will be unavailable after the end of June 2020. After this, users will be expected to use SLURM.

Details of the update

  1. A sub-cluster of LOTUS with the CentOS7 systems, and managed by the new batch scheduler SLURM, is now available for testing using the serial and the parallel SLURM queues (partitions): ‘short-serial’, ‘test’. ‘par-single’ and ‘par-multi’. All LOTUS users should familiarise with SLURM ahead of the changeover. See:

  2. The OpenMPI library is the only supported MPI library on the CentOS7 cluster managed by SLURM. OpenMPI v3.1.1 and v4.0.0 are provided which are fully MPI3-compliant. See:

  3. A webinar on transitioning from LSF to SLURM is scheduled on Thursday 18th June. Further details will be provided in due course.

  4. LSF-managed LOTUS resources will be reduced from mid-June. All LOTUS hosts will be moved to CentOS7 and managed by SLURM by the end of June.

Plans for updates to mass-cli1 and jasmin-cylc servers: We are currently working on replacements for the “mass-cli1” and “jasmin-cylc” servers. More information about the new configurations will be provided in future communications.

Previous announcements on this topic are detailed here: http://www.jasmin.ac.uk/articles/vm-migration/

Thank you for your attention and please look out for further updates as this work progresses.


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