JASMIN Migration to CentOS7 & LSF replacement with SLURM UPDATE 6

Posted on May 5, 2020 (Last modified on October 19, 2023) • 2 min read • 268 words
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Dear JASMIN users,

We are pleased to announce the following:

Update on SLURM
New data transfer servers
New JASMIN login server

1- Update on transition to SLURM: For various reasons, the timetable for completing the migration to SLURM has been compressed.
The CentOS7 queues managed by SLURM and the CentOS7 SLURM submission node will be available for users to use by mid-May 2020. Documentation for this is currently in preparation.
Users are encouraged to consult this documentation as soon as it becomes available (target date: 15 May) and to consider what changes they will need to make to their workflows, in advance of the current scheduling system becoming unavailable from the end of June 2020.
A webinar to demonstrate usage of the new SLURM-based cluster will be announced shortly: this will take place in mid-June 2020.

2- Two new data transfer servers: Two new servers “xfer[12].jasmin.ac.uk” are now available with CentOS7 as the operating system. These servers are functionally the same as their predecessors “jasmin-xfer1.ceda.ac.uk”, “cems-xfer1.cems.rl.ac.uk”, which will be retired by the end of June 2020. Please report any problems you encounter to the CEDA Helpdesk.

3- The CentOS7 login: An additional login server “login2.jasmin.ac.uk” is now also available. This is a replacement for “jasmin-login2.ceda.ac.uk” as it caters for users with difficulties in meeting the network requirements for accessing the other login servers.

Further information about the new CentOS7 sci, login and xfer servers can be found here:

Previous announcements on this topic are detailed here: http://www.jasmin.ac.uk/articles/vm-migration/
Thank you for your attention and please look out for further updates as this work progresses.


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