COVID-19 lockdown- impact on CEDA and JASMIN operations

Posted on March 24, 2020 (Last modified on October 19, 2023) • 1 min read • 153 words
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As we are sure you are already aware, the latest government restrictions on travel mean that any issues requiring physical intervention to the JASMIN infrastructure (e.g. a visit to the machine room by a member of the technical team) could now take up to a day or more to resolve. Strict procedures are in place to keep our key members of staff safe whilst they visit the RAL site - but these procedures take time to organise, hence the anticipated delays. 

We’d like to take the opportunity to remind you that all of our services should be considered at risk until further notice (as detailed here) and delays for fixing issues are likely to be longer than usual.  

Although the teams involved are well set up for remote working, the current situation is unprecedented and still evolving, with further disruption a possibility. As ever, we will do our best.

Stay safe, 


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