Advance notice JASMIN maintenance Tues 14 Jan 2020

Posted on December 19, 2019 (Last modified on October 19, 2023) • 1 min read • 186 words
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Scheduled maintenance is planned for Tuesday 14th January 2020, which could result in disruption to JASMIN systems, services and data in addition to the CEDA Archive.

The following work is currently scheduled for this date:

  • Quarterly patching and rebooting of servers including LOTUS nodes to apply important updates
  • Update and reboot of servers hosting /group_workspaces/jasmin4 storage
  • Firmware patch for LOTUS nodes and cloud hypervisors
  • Purging of data older than 90 days from scratch areas

Other than the first item, it is not anticipated that most of the work will cause unavailability of data or services, however there is always the possibility of disruption, so JASMIN and CEDA services including the CEDA Archive should be considered “at risk” on this day.

The LOTUS batch processing cluster will be unavailable for the duration of the work to avoid running jobs being adversely affected. The reservation will start at 06:00 on 17th October, but any job submitted before that with a running time that goes over the reservation period will not start until after the reservation has finished.

Please look out for further announcements nearer the date.


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