Update re. offline /group_workspaces/jasmin4/

Posted on March 15, 2019 (Last modified on October 19, 2023) • 2 min read • 220 words
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The /group\_workspaces/jasmin4 volumes have been stable overnight and are now officially back online.

The SOF storage (where many of the GWS sit) was struggling with parallel writes. This caused a bug to occur in the hardware.

We understand that getting to grips with the new storage may seem confusing/challenging/annoying when compared to the older JASMIN storage which freely allowed you to do parallel writes. However, the use of this new class of storage allowed us to meet the ever growing needs of the community within the available funding. If we had stayed using the old storage we would only be able to provide 1/3 of the current capacity. We need to work together as a community to change our workflows to suit the new storage capabilities.

Please remind yourself of the different types of storage and how best to work with them. The following documents may be useful starting points:

Understanding new JASMIN storage - explains the different storage types and why we chose them

FAQs - these give specific examples of known issues where parallel writes have occurred (maybe unknowingly to you).

If you experience difficulties again, please refer to this document for information about how to contact the Helpdesk. The more information we have about the issue, the more efficiently we will be able to help!



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