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Posted on January 29, 2019 (Last modified on October 19, 2023) • 2 min read • 302 words
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CEDA’s data catalogue service was updated last week as part of improvements to our Elasticsearch service. This technology underpins our catalogue search tool as well as CEDA’s flight-finder and Satellite finder tools. It will also be underpinning future service developments in CEDA - watch this space for more announcements on this!

The latest update involved a number of ‘minor’ fixes and improvements in our efforts to continually improve the service. Some of these fixes are internal to allow greater integration with other CEDA services, while others are external that users will notice, including:

  • A new, improved help ‘beacon’ tool - this allows more specific help articles to be provided on certain views, searches and via specific links too (e.g. search for weather gets you specific help articles)
  • A new ’special selections’ link on the front page opens up a list of specific selections of records that CEDA have put together (e.g. all DOIed datasets, all AMF instrument datasets by field campaign)
  • Our Party records now show the correct number of records that the Party is linked to - e.g. where a person is a dataset author on a Dataset record or a PI listed on a Project record
  • New ‘Related Documentation’ buttons and links help to take users to relevant documentation links on records (see Image 1)
  • The ‘process’ tab on a Dataset record, which describe how the data were produced, now lists ‘independent’ instruments which were previously missing (these are instruments where no specific platform/location has been listed) (see Image 2)
  • Images/logos on the search result now link to their records, making browsing more intuitive
  • The service now uses https, meaning our data should receive a higher ranking in Google searchers. It also helps make our site more secure.

Image 1, showing buttons to related documents:






Image 2, showing independent instruments:


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