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Posted on November 13, 2017 (Last modified on October 19, 2023) • 2 min read • 246 words
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Last week CEDA rolled out some new features to help CEDA archive users to find datasets in the CEDA archive and link back to additional information.

Catalogue Search Service

screenshot of the new Beta Catalogue Search
CEDA’s data catalogue contains a wealth of information to help users to discover relevant datasets and provide background information and links about the data we hold. However, with such a large collection of datasets and supporting records users have found it hard to use our catalogue’s search tool. To help address this we’ve been incorporating industry-standard search tools into our catalogue and have rolled out our first version of an improved search tool into a beta phase for our users to try.

You can find this either by following the links from our existing catalogue search tool or at: 

We would welcome your feedback on this service to help us shape its future development.


CEDA Download and Catalogue Linking

We’ve also rolled out a new tool for our web download service to provide links, where possible, back to relevant CEDA Data Catalogue records. These links will provide users with an easy link back to furter information to the Datasets and larger Dataset Collection entries in our catalogue which contain information such as access links and licence details, citation strings and links to relevant documentation aswell as details on the data’s providence, quality control information, geospatial and temporal information and file format information.

links between archive download and catalogue services

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