CEDA CMIP5 data holdings now catalogued and searchable!

Posted on April 20, 2017 (Last modified on October 19, 2023) • 1 min read • 189 words
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CEDA is pleased to annouce all CMIP5 data holdings in the CEDA archives are now covered by significantly improved data catalogue coverage, bringing greater discoverability and accessibility to our users.

Finding CMIP5 data

A wide range of experiments were performed during the course of the CMIP5 programme, undertaken by a wide range of modelling groups, utilising a plethora of models. Output of each of the simulation runs (a model-experiement combination) archived by CEDA have been represented by its own “dataset” record within the CEDA catalogue.

Details on how to explore the CEDA data catalogue to find CMIP5 data are available on this CEDA Help page:


Improved JASMIN access

CEDA have also updated the access control on the CMIP5 data holdings to bring these inline with the access control and licencing for the CMIP5 holdings. As such most JASMIN users will now be able to access the majority of CMIP5 data held in the CEDA archives under /badc/cmip5/data/cmip5

However, those datasets operated by the MIROC, MRI and NICAM modelling groups are still restricted for research user only and so users requiring such access will need to apply for access

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