New JASMIN accounts portal planned for 8 Feb 2017

Posted on January 27, 2017 (Last modified on October 19, 2023) • 3 min read • 595 words
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New JASMIN Accounts Portal: 8th February 2017

CEDA has been developing a new portal for JASMIN/CEMS users to manage their accounts. This will bring greater clarity for current JASMIN/CEMS users and introduce new functionality for the management of Group Workspaces, Projects VMs and JASMIN Cloud tenancies.

We plan to launch this new service on 8th February. Both current and future JASMIN/CEMS users should read the following announcement to prepare for this change.

Why are we doing this?

JASMIN now offers several different types of service, including traditional batch compute (LOTUS), Group Workspaces, bespoke VMs and self-service cloud tenancies. In order to provide a clear separation between JASMIN services (access to compute and storage resources) and CEDA services (access to datasets in the CEDA archive), we are separating JASMIN accounts from CEDA accounts. The JASMIN Accounts Portal is where users will manage their new JASMIN accounts, and addresses a growing need for more advanced account management that goes beyond the present system that CEDA have employed to date. It will also allow us to support JASMIN users who do not need access to the CEDA archive, such as those who only need access to Group Workspaces or JASMIN Cloud tenancies.

The new system will:

  • Provide a modern portal for users to manage their JASMIN accounts
  • Streamline the process of applying for access to JASMIN resources
  • Streamline the approval process for GWS and VM managers
  • Allow cloud tenants to manage the users in their tenancy
  • Simplify the choice of login accounts
  • Provide clarity for users between JASMIN services and CEDA archive services

What will happen?

On the go-live date users will notice the following changes:

  • Existing JASMIN/CEMS users will continue to have their present access to JASMIN/CEMS system
  • Existing users will have their details ported over to the new JASMIN Accounts Portal and be asked to complete the migration by activating their new JASMIN account and linking to their CEDA account
  • JASMIN, CEMS and “commercial” login will be merged into one generic “JASMIN login” service
  • New users will apply for JASMIN accounts and resources via the new portal only
  • External authorisers will have a new, streamlined portal through which to grant/reject resource applications
  • A new set of Terms and Conditions for JASMIN users will also be issued

What support will there be available?

The CEDA/JASMIN team have been testing the new portal to make it as intuitive as possible and have prepared “how-to” videos and new documentation to guide users through the new portal.

Access to this new documentation has been integrated into the new JASMIN Accounts Portal with simple and easy to use help tool.

Should users encounter any further issues they will be able to contact the CEDA helpdesk for further support.

What will I be able to do in the new portal?

Users will be able to manage their JASMIN account and access to resources on JASMIN including:

  • Login, scientific analysis and transfer servers and the LOTUS cluster
  • Group Workspaces
  • Project-specific Virtual Machines
  • Cloud Tenancies

Access to CEDA Archive datasets will, however, remain with the user’s CEDA account. Access to some (but not all) restricted datasets associated with a user’s CEDA account will be possible via the JASMIN filesystem by linking their CEDA and JASMIN accounts.

What if I have further questions?

The transition process should be a smooth one for all users of the JASMIN system, with no noticeable changes to user login or service access. Should you have any questions following the switch-over please consult the JASMIN online help pages in the first instance or send a message to our helpdesk: [email protected]

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