Results of the CEMS/NCEO User Survey and New Earth Observation Datasets

Posted on August 15, 2014 (Last modified on October 19, 2023) • 2 min read • 353 words
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The results from the 2014 CEMS and NCEO user survey on data requirements are out, and a number of new EO datasets are being added to the archive this summer!


The CEMS and NCEO dataset use survey was carried out in June and showed which datasets are most in demand by our users. The most desired new EO datasets are: MODIS (Terra and Aqua), AVHRR (Various Satellites), IASI (full METOP series), MERIS (ENVISAT) and CALIPSO data products. These will be prioritised when acquiring new datasets for our archives for access on JASMIN/CEMS.


A number of datasets have been been added to the CEDA EO archive in recent months:

  • SCIAMACHY (ENVISAT) Level 1b v7-04 and Level 2 v5-02 data (radiances, vertical columns of trace gases respectively) ; SCIAMACHY measured transmitted, backscattered and reflected radiances from the atmosphere at high resolution between 2004 and 2010 to provide global measurements of trace gases in the troposphere and the stratosphere.
  • MODIS Surface Reflectance Products; MODIS is one of the most requested datasets, and the surface reflectance products (MOD09 and MYD09) derived from multi-spectral reflectance data will be available soon.
  • MERIS (ENVISAT) Level 1B Reduced Resolution data from the 3rd reprocessing. MERIS is a nadir-pointing imaging spectrometer which measures the solar radiation reflected by the Earth, in 15 spectral bands (visible and near-infrared). CEDA holds Reduced Resolution (1.04 km x 1.16 km) data including Level 1B (radiances), and Level 2 (retrieved geophysical parameters) products will be added shortly.
  • METOP-B datasets from IASI, GOME-2 and AVHRR-3.  METOP-B, launched in 2012, is the latest in the series of three METOP satellites flown by EUMETSAT.   The CEDA archive already holds Level 1 radiance data from these three atmospheric sounding instruments on the METOP-A satellite, along with Level 2 data from IASI.   The METOP-B versions of these products have now been added to the archive.


Cloud and aerosol data products from CALIOP on CALIPSO are currently being transferred from NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) Atmospheric Science Data Center (ASDC). These and more new EO products will be available to JASMIN-CEMS users the coming weeks.  


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