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Posted on April 23, 2012 (Last modified on October 19, 2023) • 2 min read • 317 words
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A number of CEDA staff are presenting at this year’s European Geosciences UnionGeneral Assembly presenting on variousgeophysical data managemetn projects that we are engaged on. Presentations will be available in the CEDA Document Repository following EGU 2012.

In addition, the Geophysical Data Journal is being launched on the Wiley-Blackwell stand. More details of CEDAs involvement with this exciting new development in data citation to follow

The presenations are:

Monday 23rd April

Title Time Location Presenters
Z214 - Exploring the CMIP5 multi-model archive with structured meta-data (Poster) 15:30–17:00 Hall Z M. Juckes, C. Pascoe, E. Guilyardi, B.N. Lawrence, and E. Da Costa

Tuesday 24th April

Title Time Location Presenters
EGU2012-10855 ExArch: Climate analytics on distributed exascale data archives (Oral) 09:45-10:00 Room 25 M. Juckes,V. Balaji, B.N. Lawrence, M. Lautenschlager, S. Denvil, G. Aloisio, P. Kushner, and D. Waliser
EGU2012-13136  XY404 - Can the ExArch framework facilitate the computation of stormtracks statistics in a petabyte archive? (Poster)  17:30–19:00  Hall X/Y F. Laliberté, P. Kushner, M. Juckes, and S. Denvil
EGU2012-5175 A60 - The Geoscience Data Journal: collaboration between data repositories and publishing houses in data publishing 13:30–15:00  Hall A F.L. Murphy, S.A. Callaghan, P.J. Hardaker, and R.J Allan

Thursday 26th April

Title Time Location Presenters
EGU2012-5872 XY423 - Implementation of UML Schema to RDBM (Poster) 09:45-10:00 Hall X/Y M. Nagni,S. Ventouras, and G. Parton
EGU2012-8651 Benchmarking OPeNDAP services for modern ESM data workloads (Oral) 16:45–17:00 Room 7 S. Pascoe, R. Wilkinson, and P. Kershaw
EGU2012-2935XY407 - Data publication activities in the Natural Environment Research Council 17:30–19:00  Hall X/Y A. Leadbetter, S. Callaghan, R. Lowry, G. Moncoiffé, S. Donnegan, S. Pepler, N. Cunningham, P. Kirsch, L. Ault, P. Bell, R. Bowie, K. Harrison, B. Smith-Haddon, A. Wetherby, D. Wright, and M. Thorley

Friday 27th April

Title Time Location Presenters
EGU2012-3129 XY345 - Structural Uncertainty in the Winter NAO index (Poster) 10:30–12:00 Hall X/Y E. D. da Costa and M. Juckes
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