ESA data available through simplified Category-1 registration

Posted on May 5, 2010 (Last modified on October 19, 2023) • 1 min read • 210 words
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Faster and simpler access to ESA EO data for research and applications development is now possible by Category-1 Fast registration, instead of a full Category-1 peer-reviewed proposal.

Scientists wishing to use ESA EO data are normally required to submit a ‘Category-1’ (Scientific) proposal. The proposal is evaluated by a scientific evaluation panel and the results are typically provided to the PI 8 weeks after submission. However, if you only require data which is sytematically available via the internet, you can now follow a simplified and faster procedure: Fast Registration for Category-1 data via the ESA EOPI portal.

A title and short description of the proposal should be submitted via the website ( Fast Registration section and once the project proposal has been received, a short review is carried out at ESA.

You can use this registration process if the project exclusively requires access to data routinely available via the internet. In any other case the standard Category-1 proposal interface ( must be used to submit a full proposal.

If you are unsure whether the data you need fall into this category, you can check the list of products (on the fast registration page) or contact the ESA ESRIN Help and Order Desk. For further information visit the ESA EOPI website.

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