2005 Spring School in Quantitative EO

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**Oxford, UK

14th March - 24th March, 2004** The seventh Spring School, sponsored by NASA, the UK Natural Environment Research Council and Research Systems International, will be held in Oxford from 14 to 24 March 2005.

The focal point of the Spring School 2005 will be the exploitation of data from NASA’s AURA mission, with particular emphasis on the retrieval of atmospheric composition. In addition, the MODIS instrument will be used as an example for retrieving surface properties. Teaching will consist of four sets of core lectures which will focus on atmospheric fundamentals, the inverse problem, atmospheric dynamics and atmospheric composition. Also, there will be guest lectures concentrating on specific AURA instruments (HIRDLS, OMI, MLS and TES) as well as an opening talk from a NASA representative who will give an overview of the AURA mission.

The Spring School was set up in 1999 with the aim of giving anyone with a degree in mathematics or physical sciences a concise but reasonably thorough introduction to the inverse problem as it applies to Earth Observation.

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