UTLS Ozone Data Release

Posted on July 9, 2004 (Last modified on October 19, 2023) • 1 min read • 122 words
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UTLS Ozone Data Release

Data from the following UTLS Ozone projects have been released to the public domain.

o	DCFZ (PI: Keith Browning)
o	THESEO (PI: Rod Jones)
o	ACTO (PI: Stuart Penkett)
o	EGRETT (PI: Jim Whiteway)

Datasets provided as a support to UTLS Ozone research have also become public.
They include

o	Meteorolgical Images (Provider: Jamie Kettleborough)
o	Ozone profiles (Provider: Geraint Vaughan)
o	SLIMCAT 1997 Reference Atmosphere (Provider: Martyn Chipperfield)

More information on these datasets can be found in the [List of UTLS Ozone Data Sets](/data/utls-ozone/data_sets.html).
The data are accessible from the [UTLS Ozone archive](/cgi-bin/data_browser/data_browser/badc/utls/).
General information on UTLS Ozone data can be found on the [UTLS Ozone Welcome Page](/data/utls-ozone/) at BADC.

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9 July 2004
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