ERA-40 Live Access Server (LAS) Launched

Posted on January 16, 2004 (Last modified on October 19, 2023) • 2 min read • 253 words
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ERA-40 Live Access Server (LAS) Launched

The BADC is pleased to announce that we have launched the ERA-40 
Live Access Server (LAS). This service allows sub-sets, plots and 
animations to be created dynamically from the ERA-40 dataset. 

The BADC LAS provides a multi-functional web-interface to large 
geospatial datasets. It is particularly suited to global gridded 
data such as the ERA-40 Re-analyses. 

Users registered for the ERA-40 data held at the BADC can log in 
to the BADC LAS to extract subsets of the dataset. All level types 
and parameters are available and all data has been transformed to 
a 1° x 1° grid (this was the favoured resolution in a user 
questionnaire). The BADC LAS allows data sub-setting in latitude, 
longitude, altitude and time. The output can be obtained in a 
number of formats including gif and postscript image files, or 
NetCDF data files. A limited animation facility is also available. 

Please note the ERA-40 LAS is only available to users that are 
registered for access to ERA-40. Users must log-in to the usual 
BADC web site before entering the LAS, after which you can go 
directly to the LAS in any subsequent sessions. 

The LAS intended for users with low data volume requirements. If 
it receives large requests it will ignore them and inform you that 
it is doing so. Moderate to high data volume users should contact 
BADC Support ([email protected]). 

More information about the LAS is available on the ERA-40 Regular 
Gridded Data page:


BADC Support.
16 January 2004.
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