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Working on JASMIN: a hands-on workshop

Fatima Chami presents at the June 2019 hands on JASMIN workshop
Fatima Chami presents at the June 2019 hands on JASMIN workshop

CEDA regularly run hands-on interactive workshops for users of JASMIN. Past event details can be seen below. Resources used in the workshops can be found here.

We aim to repeat the workshop quarterly. Look on the 'future events' page for details about our next scheduled workshop.

This hands-on workshop is aimed at novice to intermediate users of JASMIN who wish to further their knowledge about efficiently working on JASMIN. We will cover a range of topics related to best practice for working on JASMIN. The workshop format will be via hands-on exercises and short presentations. Some example exercises include:

  • Copying data to JASMIN

  • Batch running scripts on LOTUS

  • Building your own Python 3 environment

  • Optimising storage usage on JASMIN

  • Managing a multi-step workflow

We hope that this hands-on, attendee driven workshop format will encourage interaction and collaboration between attendees and the JASMIN team. You can see the material from our last workshop here. We will largely cover the same topics but note it may change slightly.   

The one day workshop will take place in a classroom in Oxfordshire at CEDA's home institute - STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. We intend to cover the general exercises between 9.30-4pm, we will then cover some more advanced specialist topics between 4-6pm (e.g. Build your own Python3 environment, Compile and run parallel Fortran code on LOTUS). It is your choice whether you stay until 4pm or 6pm depending on your training requirements. 

The workshop will be delivered and supported by the JASMIN team (from both CEDA and SCD), so is a great chance to interact, to discuss your research needs, and to provide feedback on the JASMIN service.   

Overall aims of the workshop: 
  • To engage novice to intermediate users in best practice for working on JASMIN via hands-on exercises

  • To increase understanding about:

    • which parts of JASMIN are suited for different tasks

    • available software on JASMIN

  • To provide a face-to-face environment where the JASMIN Team can offer support and feedback on a range of issues/problems

  • To gather feedback on the gaps in current provision of documentation

Responsible staff

Matt Pritchard

JASMIN Operations Manager

Ag Stephens

Head of Partnerships

Fatima Chami

JASMIN User Support

Poppy Townsend

Communications Manager