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Using Python on JASMIN webinar

This webinar explored four case studies for using Python on JASMIN. In a 1 hour webinar, we cannot teach the entire Python language to beginners - but we hope our examples will give you an idea of the things Python can be used for to do science-related coding. Each case study is represented as a Python script that you could run interactively on JASMIN.

For each script, we provide:

  • A breakdown of the workflow into understandable components
  • Commentary on the basic Python concepts/constructs that underpin the script
  • Links to documentation to learn more
  • Links to the example scripts in a public (GitHub) repository

After viewing the webinar you should have:

1. A basic understanding of the following Python constructs:

  • String
  • List
  • Function
  • Numpy array
  • Pandas DataFrame
  • Xarray Dataset

2. Basic understanding of working with Python to:

  • Run a script
  • Send arguments to a function
  • Import modules/libraries

3. Awareness of the Python libraries for data analysis:

  • Numpy
  • Pandas
  • Xarray

4. Knowledge of where to go to learn more

See links here for presentation slides and video

Recorded on 13th December 2019 for the sixth webinar in a series provided by The Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA). If you have any queries, please email the CEDA helpdesk.

Responsible staff

Richard Smith

Software Engineer

Ag Stephens

Head of Partnerships