Webinar - JASMIN's new GPU cluster, ORCHID

Posted on January 31, 2023 (Last modified on November 8, 2023) • 2 min read • 315 words
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Webinar about JASMIN’s new GPU cluster, ORCHID. The event provided information about ORCHID itself, as well as hearing from recent test users about their experiences with it.

The webinar was open to all JASMIN users, but was of particular interest to those embarking on research involving machine learning techniques, or who have been seeking GPU resources for use in their work. Further details, including links to slides and recordings can be found below.

The event was successful with over 100 attendees and plenty of positive feedback about both the webinar content and the new GPU cluster itself.

Agenda of the webinar 

The agenda, slides and video recordings of the presentations are provided below. Some sections, such as the welcome and discussion, were not recorded.  

  • Welcome and opening - JASMIN facility director, Adrian Hines                                         
  • JASMIN’s new GPU cluster, ORCHID,Part 1: Introduction & overview, slides, presentation    
  • Experience from JASMIN GPU users: 
    • Training and running deep learning models on meteorological data using JASMIN -Jonathan Coney, University of Leeds, slides, presentation

    • IceNet: Sea ice forecasting training on Orchid,  James Barnes, BAS, slides, presentation

    • A Flood Hazard Impact Model for India: Cylc workflows on JASMIN GPUs and CPUs, Steven Wells, CEH, slides, presentation

    • GPU training of CNNs for automatic industry detection in satellite imagery, Peter Manshausen, University of Oxford, slides, presentation

    • Optimising Python code to make use of GPUs – Nicola Martin, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, slides, presentation

    • Environmental enzymes - designing biochemistry to tackle environmental problems: a workflow with hierarchical configuration and direct submission on orchid", Simon Mathis, Cambridge University, slides, presentation                                                        

  • Experience from other GPU services: The NEODAAS Artificial Intelligence Service – Dan Clewley, Plymouth Marine, slides, presentation
  • JASMIN’s new GPU cluster, ORCHID - Part 2: What next? slides, presentation               
  • Wrap-up  discussion
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