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JASMIN2020 virtual event

A virtual event was run at the end of September, as a replacement for the JASMIN conference that was due to take place earlier this year. The event took place on the mornings of Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th September. 

The JASMIN team provided an update to users about key services and new developments which we have been working on over the last year. See draft timetable below for more information.

The event was recorded - the full videos are available on our YouTube channel. Cropped recordings of each individual talk are linked in the table below. All slides are available here and the unanswered questions from the Q&A session are here

Day one - Tuesday 29th September - full recording here
Talk Description
Introduction Short talk introducing the event, meet the speakers, housekeeping, etc.
JASMIN Update Overview talk about: where things currently are, what's happened, what we're working towards. This talk will provide a summary of current JASMIN services and how they all fit together - perfect for both new and experienced users.  
Lightning talks 2-minute talks introducing key new developments. These short talks will give you a taster about which talks you may be interested in attending on day two.
Training and events

All you need to know about the training we offer and where to find information about future/past events. We have lots of different useful resources for users, this talk will summarise how to make use of them.  

Five common issues We'll cover five common problems users face and share best practice for overcoming them. All users should be aware of the issues/solutions discussed in this talk - don't miss it!
Day two - Wednesday 30th September - full recording here
Talk Description
Introduction Short talk introducing the event, housekeeping, etc.
Software stack Find out about the recent changes to JASMIN's software stack. If you make use of software on JASMIN (via JASPY and module env.), then this talk is for you! 
Transition to SLURM

JASMIN's batch processing scheduler has recently been changed - find out what these changes mean for your workflow. This talk is suitable for anyone who wants to learn about using the batch scheduler service for high throughput data processing on JASMIN.

Tenancy sci-machines We are moving towards a new way of providing sci-server support, based on "community-specific" machines. This talk will explain what that means - suitable for anyone who uses the sci-machines for analysis. 
Notebook service

We recently launched a new service that allows access to JASMIN using Jupyter Notebooks. If you want to learn about analysing and visualising data with Python inside a web-browser, then this talk is for you!

Cluster as a Service (CaaS) CaaS is a new service on JASMIN’s Community Cloud that allows groups to develop their own bespoke applications and services from a set of ready-made building blocks.  A point and click interface on the Cloud Portal enables users to for example provision their own private Jupyter notebook service - or more advanced use cases such as making your own batch computing cluster (independent of LOTUS), or having your own Kubernetes cluster to deploy container-based applications into. 

This service requires users to have at least some dev/systems experience in their team to get these custom services up and running - find out more in this talk!
Object store new type of storage that is likely to become more commonly used on JASMIN. This talk will explain what it means for your workflow. 
Metrics Have a sneak peek at our new metrics dashboard
Q&A panel We will address questions that have been submitted throughout the webinars during this session. We hope to answer as many questions as possible - however, please note some questions may need to be answered 'offline' due to their technical/specialist focus. 
Wrap up and close of JASMIN2020 virtual event

Responsible staff

Poppy Townsend

Communications Manager

Fatima Chami

JASMIN User Support

Neil Massey

Senior Software Engineer

Ag Stephens

Head of Partnerships

Matt Pritchard

JASMIN Operations Manager

Matt Jones

Senior DevOps Engineer

Philip Kershaw

Head of CEDA