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JASMIN Conference 2017


The second JASMIN Conference on Advanced Computing for Environmental Science was held at the STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) on 27th and 28th June 2017, with attendees from universities and research institutions across the UK and further afield. 

Selected conference presentations are available to download or watch in video form from the links within the programme below. 

Conference programme

Conference programme

Day 1 Tuesday 27 June 2017  Presentation Video
09:30 Registration & refreshments    
10:10 Welcome and opening 
10:15 Plenary session 1    
  The JASMIN Data Commons: Now and into the future Prof. Bryan Lawrence, NCAS, University of Reading
  JASMIN: infrastructure Jonathan Churchill, STFC Scientific Computing Department
  JASMIN: service Dr. Matt Pritchard, CEDA
  JASMIN: new developments Phil Kershaw, CEDA
12:00 Buffet lunch 
Optional JASMIN facility tour
13:15 Plenary session 2 
  Climate modelling at the petascale Pier-Luigi Vidale, Reading University/NCAS Climate
  Undertaking the largest-ever assessment of the UK's wildlife Tom August, CEH
  Interactive big data analysis with Jupyter, Dask and mor Jacob Tomlinson, Met Office
14:35 Refreshments
Optional JASMIN facility tour 
15:00 Plenary session 3
  Polar Thematic Exploitation Platform David Herbert, British Antarctic Survey
  Spark for Climate Analysis Karthee Sivalingam, Cray
  "Pitch your Poster" (quick 1-minute pitches introducing posters or demos)
  • Using JASMIN to support developing nations,  Mark Harrison, Met Office 
  • PRIMAVERA data management and analysis using JASMIN,  John Seddon, Met Office 
  • Setting up THREDDS Data Server for JASMIN Group Workspaces,  Sonia Fernandez, CEDA 
  • Metadata aware climate data analysis tools: cf-python and cf-plot , Andy Heaps, Reading University  
  • NAG library David Humphris, Numerical Algorithms Group 
16:00 Poster session
17:00 Close of day 1
Day 2 Wednesday 28 June 2017 Presentation Video
09:15 Plenary session 4
  Using JASMIN/CEMS for the generation of ECV data records in ESA CCI and EC projects Olaf Danne, Brockmann Consult, Germany
  Global monitoring with sentinel-1 InSAR Emma Hatton, Leeds university
  Met Office collaboration and JASMIN - Current use and future plans Roger Milton, Met Office
10:30 Refreshments
11:00 Plenary session 5
  JASMIN user survey 2017 results Dr. Fatima Chami, CEDA
12:00 Buffet lunch 
Optional JASMIN facility tour
13:15 End 

Training session (optional)

  Data transfer using Globus Dr. Matt Pritchard, CEDA
  Getting started with interactive computing on JASMIN Dr. Fatima Chami, CEDA
  Migrating from interactive compute to batch compute using LOTUS Dr. Fatima Chami, CEDA
  Getting started with JASMIN cloud Phil Kershaw, CEDA

JASMIN 2016 previous conference 

The first JASMIN Conferencewas held at RAL on 27/28 June 2016.  
"- Excellent plenary sessions that stimulated lots of conversation, focussed really well on different Jasmin use cases and were very well delivered by the range of speakers -" Delegate feedback