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JASMIN Conference 2016

Thanks for coming to the JASMIN user conference!

A big thank you to all who attended and contributed to our first JASMIN User Conference, held at RAL on 27/28 June 2016. Over two days, we shared information about the current scale and capabilities of JASMIN, heard about some of the data-intensive science going on right now, and learned about other environmental science challenges which could be helped by using JASMIN.

Prof. Tony Hey (STFC Chief Data Scientist) delivers his presentation on Data Intensive Science at the evening reception of the JASMIN User Conference 2016 (Photos: Matt Pritchard, STFC)

Workshop sessions helped new and existing users learn how to get the best out of JASMIN's processing and data transfer capabilities, and how scientific collaborations might go about managing their own computing infrastructures within the JASMIN Cloud. Discussions focussed on how scientific software might be managed by a community for its own and wider benefit, and learned about particular software tools developed around the JASMIN platform which help distil best practice and enable efficient scientific workflows.

We are currently analysing feedback from the event and will be posting further details here shortly. Based on that feedback, we hope to plan a variety of future events of different formats which we hope will encourage closer enagement with and among our user community and ensure that JASMIN continues to be a world-leading facility for data-intensive environmental science.

Conference Presentations

Live notes created by the conference team during sessions are available here:

Day 1: Plenary session 1: JASMIN Overview
Bryan Lawrence Director, CEDA Why JASMIN?
Matt Pritchard CEDA Functional View
Philip Kershaw CEDA JASMIN Services
Jonathan Churchill Scientific Computing Department, STFC Infrastructure Support
Day 1: Workshop session 1
Fatima Chami CEDA Getting Started
Fatima Chami CEDA Using LOTUS
Matt Pritchard CEDA Transferring Data to/from JASMIN
Matt Pritchard CEDA Group Workspace Management
Matt Pryor CEDA Managing a Cloud Tenancy
Day 1: Plenary session 2: Innovative Solutions Enabled with JASMIN (1)
Matthew Mizielinski Met Office The Role of JASMIN in HRCM Simulation Campaigns
Helen Snaith BODC BODC Acoustic Data at JASMIN
Owen Embury University of Reading Use of JASMIN-CEMS in the SST-CCI Project
Duncan Watson-Parris AOPP, University of Oxford CIS : A Tool for Intercomparing Models and Observations
Barry Latter Remote Sensing Group, RAL Space, STFC Large-scale and Near Real-Time Processing of Satellite Data for Climate and Air-quality Monitoring and Forecast
Day 1: Evening Reception/Poster Session
Tony Hey Chief Data Scientist, STFC Data Intensive Science
Day 2: Plenary session 3: Innovative Solutions Enabled with JASMIN (2)
Maliko Tanguy CEH MAJIC: Managing Access to JULES in the Cloud
Matt Pryor CEDA OPTIRAD iPython Notebook
Roger Milton Met Office Met Office Collaboration using JASMIN - Current Use and Future Plans
Neil Parley Institute for Environmental Analytics IEA Cloud Tenancy on JASMIN
Said Kharbouche Mullard Space Science Laboratory, UCL QA4ECV: Inter-Satellite Spectral Mapping for Spectral BRDF Using CEMS/JASMIN
Day 2: Discussion: Scientific Software Environments and Packaging
Ag Stephens CEDA JASMIN Analysis Platform (JAP)
Philip Elson Met Office Scientific Software Environments within the Met Office
Day 2: Lightning talks: Use Cases
Katie Smith CEH The Parallel World of Hydrological Uncertainty
Emma Hatton University Of Leeds Automated Processing of InSAR data
Mike Brown CEH NERC Environmental Work Bench
Patricio Ortiz University of Leicester Multimission SST processing using JASMIN
Day 2: Workshop session 2: Scientific Analysis on JASMIN
Andy Heaps University of Reading cf-python/cf-plot Tools
Duncan Watson-Parris AOPP, University of Oxford Community Intercomparison Suite
Fatima Chami CEDA Best Practice: Being a Good JASMIN Citizen
Day 2: Plenary session 4: User engagement plans and JASMIN futures
Matt Pritchard CEDA Plans for the future