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Introduction to LOTUS: JASMIN's batch computing cluster webinar

LOTUS is a JASMIN* service which enables efficient scheduling of large scale data analysis tasks. This is useful for researchers wanting to improve or change their workflows for carrying out tasks such as processing high resolution climate simulations, tracking tropical cyclones or other data intensive tasks.

This webinar introduces how JASMIN users can remotely access the LOTUS advanced computing resource, via the command line and the JASMIN scientific analysis platforms. The benefits of using LOTUS include:

  • Large throughput of processing, means data analysis time can be significantly reduced
  • Access to large processing resources which aren't available in your home institutes/as an individual
  • Fair sharing of resources due to its intelligent scheduler LSF (Load Sharing Facility)

This webinar focussed on how researchers can use JASMIN's batch computing cluster; LOTUS. Covering the following topics:

  • When to use LOTUS
  • What is LOTUS
  • How to use LOTUS

Anyone with an interest in changing the way they work on JASMIN can benefit from this webinar. 

See links here for presentation slides and video

Recorded on 17th October 2018 for the third webinar in a series provided by The Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA). Please do not contact the email address in the video, this was for the live viewing only. If you have any queries, please email the CEDA helpdesk on

Responsible staff

Fatima Chami

JASMIN User Support

Poppy Townsend

Communications Manager and Data Scientist