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Further use of Git and GitHub

This webinar follows on from our fourth webinar “Introduction to Git and GitHub” and goes into more detail about using Git and GitHub to manage, share and back up your code.

We will discuss:
  • Branches: What are they? How do I use them?
  • Merging: How do I merge branches? How do I resolve conflicts?
  • Git Stash: What is it? When would I use it?
  • Reset: How do I unstage a commit? How do I undo my last commit?
  • More Features of GitHub:
    • Collaboration features such as forks and pull requests
    • Viewing Change History
    • Tags and Releases
    • Issue Tracking
    • Project Management
    • Public Wikis
    • GitHub Settings

At the end of the webinar, you should be able to use a combination of Git commands and GitHub features to manage your code. Creating issues to manage priorities and branches to allow testing and development on multiple fronts. You will also have been introduced to making changes to other GitHub projects and submitting your changes for review by the original project.

See links here for presentation slides and video.

Within CEDA, we use GitHub extensively to manage the code behind all our services; both internal and external. We are therefore well placed in providing support or answering any questions you may have about using GitHub for version control. Please do not email the email address in the video, this was for the live viewing only. If you have any queries, please email the CEDA helpdesk.

Recorded on 20th March 2019 for the fifth webinar in a series provided by CEDA.