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Demo of the JASMIN Notebook Service webinar

Screenshot of the JASMIN Notebook Service
Screenshot of the JASMIN Notebook Service

In this webinar, we will talk you through some of the JASMIN Notebook Service’s key features.

The JASMIN Notebook service provides access to Jupyter Notebooks in the web browser. A Jupyter Notebook is an interactive document containing live code, documentation and visualisations that can be run and edited in a web browser.

The following examples will be covered in the webinar:
1. Using Python in the browser
2. Plotting in a Notebook
3. Working with data in the CEDA Archive
4. Accessing data in Group Workspaces
5. Creating virtual environments to install additional software

Read our news item to find out more about what the JASMIN Notebook Service is.

Note: This new service is currently in beta, so access will be limited. Please also be understanding if there are teething issues.

This webinar was recorded on 16th June 2020. You can view the video recording here. Note: as it was a demonstration for how to use the service, there are no presentation slides available. 

Responsible staff

Ag Stephens

Head of Partnerships

Poppy Townsend

Communications Manager