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PV2018 Conference - Adding value and preserving data
PV2018 Conference - Adding value and preserving data

Getting started with JASMIN webinar
A beginners guide to using JASMIN

Give us your data: how to prepare your research for the CEDA Archive webinar
Covering topics such as data management planning, metadata and submitting data

Introduction to Git and GitHub webinar
Covering topics such as why you should use version control and useful Git commands

Introduction to LOTUS: JASMIN's batch computing cluster webinar
This webinar focussed on how researchers can use JASMIN's batch computing cluster; LOTUS

Further use of Git and GitHub
Topics providing more detail about using Git and GitHub to manage, share and back up your code.

Using Python on JASMIN webinar
This webinar explored four case studies for using Python on JASMIN.

Designing efficient workflows on LOTUS webinar
This webinar demonstrates two workflows for using LOTUS

An introduction to NAG & NAG/Python interface on JASMIN workshop
An overview of NAG and how the Python interface works on JASMIN

Working on JASMIN: a hands-on workshop
An interactive workshop aimed at novice to intermediate users of JASMIN

JASMIN2020 conference

Postponed until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic. See news item here for details.

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