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Earth Probe TOMS went into safehold mode on 27th November 2003
in Satellite data
The TOMS team expects to be back in nominal real-time operation next week (i.e. the week of December 1, 2003).

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"Met Office Stratospheric Analyses - New Dynamics"
in Met Office data

Met Office Stratospheric Analyses - New Dynamics

The assimilation system that produces the Met Office stratospheric data
will soon be changed to use the New Dynamics (ND) version of the
Unified Model.

The changeover is scheduled for 28th October 2003.

Users of the data need to be aware of the following points:

- The data will be ordered from South to North, instead of North to

- As before, the wind components (u and v) will be produced on a grid
that is staggered relative to the mass grid (used for T and z).  The
output fields use the "Arakawa B grid" staggering, as before, even
though the ND model uses a "C grid" staggering. 

- The vertical velocity will be w (dz/dt), rather than omega (dP/dt),
and will be output on the mass grid. 

- Three additional UARS levels will be output (25 instead of 22), up to
0.1 hPa (instead of 0.316 hPa).

If you use the grid definitions in the PP header record, the changes to
the ordering of the data will be transparent, otherwise you will need
modify your programs to allow for those changes.

Access routines are supplied by the Met Office to help users read the
data files.  The original versions were written to access data from the
UARS CDHF, but recent versions also read PP format data, as supplied to
the BADC.  A revised version of the access routines has been written
(version 5c - file name acsasm_v5c.f).  This is very similar to the
previous version (5b), except that it will recognize the new w fields
(as well as omega), and the default settings for field types and number
of levels have been modified for New Dynamics.  VAX/VMS-specific code
(only a few lines) has been deleted.  

At the BADC, the new data files can be found in the current year
assimilated data directory: /badc/ukmo-assim/data/standard/2003/

The associated documentation, as provided by the Met Office is 
available in the assimilated data doc directory: 

The Assimilated data documentation on the BADC Web pages will be updated

BADC Support
28th October 2003
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Berlin Stratospheric data series now available from BADC
in Other

The Berlin Stratospheric data series now available from BADC

   The Berlin stratospheric data series contains temperature and geopotential height data 
   on the 100, 50, 30, 10 mb pressure surfaces produced at the Meteorological Institute, Free 
   University of Berlin, from radiosonde data and rocket observations. The data covers the 
   northern hemisphere during the years 1957 to 2001 and is available on both a 10° x 10° and 
   5° x 5° grid. 

   More information available at

   BADC Team
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BADC Services unavailable 18-19th October 2003
in Other
Due to an electricity supply shutdown at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (18-19th October 2003), 
the BADC  File server will be consequently temporarily shutdown from Friday 17th October at 3pm 
to Sunday 19th October. The BADC file server is expected to be back online from Monday 20th October.

This shutdown unfortunately implies that the BADC Web site and access to data 
and services will be temporarily unavailable.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.

BADC Support 
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New CDAT and GrADS web pages at BADC
in Other

The BADC help pages now includes a description and tutorial of two software packages used extensively in the atmospheric sciences:

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