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Our mission

To provide data and information services for environmental science


  • Operate world-class data curation services, and in particular the NERC Data Centres for NCAS and NCEO
  • Manage state-of-the-art storage and compute infrastructure (JASMIN), in close collaboration with STFC Scientific Computing Department
  • Facilitate environmental science by running data and information services
  • Develop new data service technologies
  • Build and maintain close contact with the research community
  • Provide a national capability for data management in EO and Atmospheric sciences.
  • Contribute to and learn from the national and international community
  • Enable scientific, societal and economic impact through use of our data and services
  • Foster staff development in the CEDA team so that we have the skills we need - data management, software development, e-infrastructure and project management 


  • Run data archives in accordance with best practice
  • Continual standards-driven improvement of CEDA infrastructure and services
  • Carry out projects that develop and enhance data and information services
  • Active participation in digital curation and (environmental and geospatial) informatics fields
  • Active participation in environmental research programmes
  • Publicise and promote CEDA Archive and JASMIN services and products
  • Provide advice and support to others on data and information management services
  • Encourage data set citation
  • Support users of CEDA and JASMIN, via helpdesk, documentation and training
  • Deal with, and where relevant take advantage of, disruptive changes in information technology
  • Communicate our capability and achievements via a range of channels
  • Effectively manage CEDA budgets and resources


  • Monitoring of data centre performance, via access and ingest statistics
  • Monitoring of JASMIN usage statistics
  • Financial analysis of CEDA as a unit, not unrelated project codes
  • Collect metrics of data use in science programmes; for example data citations
  • Monitor uptake of software products developed
  • Gather and assess user feedback
  • Publications in journals and conference proceedings
  • Evidence of realising benefits of externally funded projects


  • We feel we are doing a worthwhile job
  • Research community recognises the utility of the activities performed by CEDA
  • Recognition of CEDA as an organisation that is good at what it does
  • UK academics producing data get academic rewards for doing so
  • We are successful at winning funding through competitive bids
  • External organisations want to collaborate with us
  • CEDA staff are invited to contribute to national and international workshops, conferences, working groups and committees