CEDA provides a range of sevices to assist users in finding, accessing, visualising and processing. Details of each of these services can be found following the links below.



Brief Description


myCEDA  CEDA user account service 
Data Catalogue Search Services to find data held in CEDA archives
Archive access services Details on accessing CEDA data via FTP, HTTP, PyDAP etc.
EUFAR Flight Fnder Tool Find data for EUFAR funded atmospheric research flights aswell as for all FAAM and ARSF flights archived in the CEDA archives
Satellite Data Finder Tool Find satellite data from a geographic and temporal search interface
Data preparation services Details of data preparation tools available through CEDA's online Web Processing Service
Data Analysis Environments CEDA provides the JASMIN and CEMS environments for large scale data analysis, plus details about the LOTUS service.
CEDA Document Repository Online, peristent repository for useful presentaitons, reports, flight logs etc. relating to CEDA archive data, data curation and environmental science. Content from both CEDA staff and the wider community welcome.
CEDA Archive Volume Summary (In preparation) Information about CEDA archive holdings
Data Deposit services Details for data producers wishing to archive data with CEDA


User Guides :

For information about how to use the services please visit our Help pages or to contact us for specific advice.

Further Information:

If you would like to know more about the services we offer and the technology behind them, please see our "Developers page". Members of our development team would also be happy to hear from you. 

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