The JASMIN intrastructure hosted at the STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory has developed over a series of stages since Autumn 2011. Full details of the JASMIN infrastructure can be found on the JASMIN website

The development of the JASMIN project within CEDA is briefly outlined below:

JASMIN - Phase 1

JASMIN was initially designed as a "super-data-cluster", deployed on behalf of NCAS at the STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. JASMIN- phase1 supports the data analysis requirements of the UK and European climate and earth system modelling community. It consists of multi-Petabyte fast storage co-located with data analysis computing facilities, with satellite installations at Bristol, Leeds and Reading Universities. It shares infrastructure with an equivalent facility in the Earth Observation domain, for Climate and Environmental Monitoring from Space (CEMS).JASMIN logo

JASMIN phase 1 was deployed in the e-Science department at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory to deliver three main functions: the infrastructure for the data storage and services of CEDA, including the NCAS British Atmospheric Data Centre; an environment for data intensive scientific computation for the climate and earth system science communities; and flexible access to high-volume and complex data for the climate and earth observation communities.

Together with CEMS, a total of 4.6 Pb of fast storage was deployed at RAL, connected via its own low-latency network to the JASMIN and CEMS data compute facilities. Satellite systems at Bristol, Leeds and Reading Universities consist of significant disk (500, 100 and 150 Tb, respectively) coupled with additional compute resources. It was envisaged that virtual machines for analysis could be constructed for particular purposes at satellite sites, then migrated to the central system for processing against the major data store.

Key links from the central JASMIN facility to Reading, Leeds and Bristol will make use of the existing JANET backbone, but dedicated lightpath links to the Dutch Meterological Office (KNMI), the national supercomputing resource (HeCTOR) and the Met Office supercomputer (MONSooN) were also developed.

A preprint paper describing the JASMIN cluster is available at  http://arxiv.org/abs/1204.3553.

JASMIN - Phase 2 and 3

A News article describing the JASMIN Expansion Phases 2 and 3 is also available at http://www.jasmin.ac.uk/jasmin-users/stories/jasmin-expansion-phases-2-and-3. During this phase the JASMIN and CEMS services moved to being hosted services along side others on the JASMIN infrastructure. See the JASMIN website for the latest developments.

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