NCAS Introduction to Scientific Computing Course, University of York, March 17-20 2014

 Introduction to CEDA:

Due to file size limitations and the fact that the Introduction to CEDA presentation contains many images, the slides for this presentation have been divided into five sections:

Parallel Processing Large Data

Managing your code

File formats and metadata conventions

 The linux shell:

  1. Introduction

  2. Pipes and filters

  3. Permissions

  4. Finding things

  5. Job control

  6. Secure shell

  7. Advanced shell tricks

  8. Exercises and solutions 

 Introduction to Python:

  1. Introduction 

  2. Basics 

  3. Booleans 

  4. Control flow 

  5. Lists 

  6. Slicing 

  7. Tuples 

  8. Input and output 

  9. Strings 

  10. Functions 

  11. More functions 

  12. Libraries 

  13. Scripts 

  14. Sets 

  15. Dictionaries 

  16. Object Oriented Programming (OOP) 

  17. Where next? 

  18. Exercises and solutions 

 Data Analysis, Format Conversion and Visualisation:

    1. Matplotlib 

    2. Numpy 

    3. Creating netCDF 

    4. Atmospheric data formats 

    5. Exercises 

    6. Solutions 

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