From time to time CEDA has a number of open positions and student placements available. Further details are given on this page, but positions will generally be advertised through the Science and Technology Facilities Council and the CEDA news feed.

Present Open Positions

Positions will be announced via our news channels when available. See our "Contact Us" page for details of how to subscribe to or news feeds.

Open Positions

The Centre for Environmental Data Analysis advertises all vacancies through its parent organisation the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC). Please see the STFC vacancies website for further details of any open positions. We will also post news items on the CEDA news feed to highlight these positions when they are open for applications. 

To support CEDA's core work CEDA staff undertake a wide range of tasks such as:

  • Answering queries form users.
  • Providing support for NERC programmes.
  • Facilitating access to other data suppliers.
  • Implementing computer technologies to store and distribute large volumes of data.
  • Writing web pages and CGI programmes.
  • Developing web based services
  • Engage with international community to develop data standards

Skills used within CEDA

CEDA staff use a wide variety of hardware and software in its day to day running. The list below gives an idea of technical skills needed.

 Python  Django   IDL  Java
 Fortran  SQL  Apache Javascript
 NetCDF   NASA-Ames  HDF   CGI programming
  Tape handling  Linux  System Admin   Tape libraries
  MS Office Cloud LSF  

Qualifications or research experience in any of the disciplines below is very desirable. Knowledge of how NERC funds these areas is also useful.

 Atmospheric Science
 Environmental Science
 Earth Observation 
 Solar Terrestrial Physics

Summer Placements

Each summer CEDA will aim to take on a limited number of summer placement students to work on specific tasks. The summer placemetns will be made availalbe through the Science and Technology Facilities Council's summer placement scheme, opportunites for which will be announced via the CEDA news feed in the spring of each year (applicaitons typically closing at the end of May). These are funded places typically of 2-3 month's duration giving the successful applicant a chance to work on a specific project within CEDA. Projects may be wide ranging and suitable for students at undergraduate level. Some projects will require the student to undertake programming tasks (we typically use Python, Javascript and SQL) to various levels with some opportunities to work on our new parallel access and processing systems.


For further information please contact us.  

Year Long Sandwich Student Placements

CEDA offered it's first year long placement in 2014 as part of the STFC Sandwich Student scheme.

We take on sandwich student placements most years. These may be advertised on our news channels or prospective students may contact us to discuss this further.

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