For Business

The Centre for Environmental Data Analysis was established primarily to facilitate and curate both datasets needed for academic research and datasets produced by such research. However, it is a national facility, and as such provides some services for business as well.


Business users can find datasets of interest using either the CEDA data discovery service or the NERC data discovery service. The licencing varies from dataset to dataset, but a list of datasets that may be available for commercial use is available on this page in the CEDA Data Catalogue.

Businesses may also provide data for archive in a CEDA data centre provided the data product is consistent with the remit of the data centre. There is generally a charge for ingesting data into the archive. Contact CEDA for more details.


Commercial users interested in using the JASMIN infrastructure for data analysis or processing are generally expected to be collaborating with the UK research community (see, or working with CEDA on collaborative Research and Development projects. Contact CEDA for more details.

Climate Impact Data

Data which has been used by the IPCC evaluation process can be obtained from the IPCC Data Distribution Centre and/or the Earth System Grid Federation data node.

Data Services

Most commercial data services are currently provided by the Satellite Applications Catapult's component of the facility for Climate, Environment and Monitoring from Space (CEMS). Using CEMS, businesses can establish commercial data services which exploit data (both data from the CEDA archive and their own private data) using a virtualised compute environment. In some cases, depending on the nature of the work and the detailed requirements, it may be appropriate to use the JASMIN cloud to host such services.

For more details, contact  CEDA.


CEDA staff have expertise in:  data management; software engineering; metadata systems, development and display; data visualisation; parallel data analysis; and geospatial legislative conformance (INSPIRE). CEDA does not currently provide consulting services around this expertise, but where funding can be acquired, CEDA staff can take part in joint projects where the project would directly address the facilitation and/or curation goals of CEDA, or result in the acquisition of relevant new skills by CEDA staff.

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