For Academics

The Centre for Environmental Data Analysis was established primarily to facilitate and curate both datasets needed for academic research and datasets produced by such research.

CEDA is primarily funded by the Natural Environment Research Council, but it is also funded by DECC, and the missions differ slightly.

Accessing Data

Access to data in the CEDA archives varies between datasets in CEDA - some are open to any user, some to all those with a (free) CEDA user account and then others limited to those with specific access. Details on how to access data in the CEDA archives are available in the CEDA Archive Quick Starter Guide.

NERC funded scientists

Data Acquisition:

If you are NERC funded, and you require access to large or complex datasets, it may be possible for CEDA to acquire and curate such data, provided wider use of the data is likely and available funding and resources can support the acquisition. In general, such funding should be sought directly as part of a grant application, but members of NERC research centres could request these data be prioritised as part of a national capability activity. In all cases please contact CEDA should you have questions.

Data Deposition: 

Depending on the size and complexity of your dataset, CEDA can archive your data for free, or there might be a charge for ingestion. (Once the data are in the archive, there are no ongoing charges.)  In general, the same arrangements that exist for data deposition apply: either archival costs should be sought as part of a grant application (and appear in your data management plan), or they should appear in the budget of a relevant national centre.  Note that if you have NERC funding, you are expected to arrange for data deposition in a NERC data centre.

Should you wish to obtain a cost for archiving data please contact us.

Likewise, if you have any other questions regarding archiving data with CEDA please contact us.

Handling Large Datasets

CEDA also supports the scientific community in manipulating large datasets via the JASMIN and CEMS services. More details of how you can work with JASMIN and/or CEMS are available via the JASMIN website.

Non NERC funded Scientists

If you require access to large datasets, or wish to deposit data with CEDA, then the same conditions apply as for NERC scientists. However, the cost of data curation may not be supported by NERC activities, but please contact CEDA to discuss this further.

Climate Impacts and the IPCC

CEDA supports two projects on behalf of DECC: the Climate Impacts LINK programme, and the IPCC Data Distribution Centre.

Researchers wishing access to climate simulation data can both access such data using CEDA and/or JASMIN, or apply for data not yet available by contacting us.

Data which have been used by the IPCC evaluation process can be obtained from the IPCC Data Distribution Centre.

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