The Team

The CEDA team is presently 28 people strong, covering a breadth of activities to support our main goals of not only ensuring reliable curation of environmental data, but also pushing the boundaries of archive management and services. Through this breadth of activities CEDA ensures that the required technology and services continue to grow to meet the requirements of the user community, while the fruits of this work are deployed to bring the maximum benefit to all users.

The CEDA team are:

Bryan Lawrence NCAS Director of Models and Data
Victoria Bennett Director of the STFC Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA)
Sarah Callaghan CEDA programme manager
Fatima Chami Software Engineer
Esther Conway Senior Data Scientist: Earth Observation
Steve Donegan Senior Data Scientist: Earth Observation
Wendy Garland Senior Data Scientist: Aircraft
Hayley Gray User Support and Metadata Services Operator
Andrew Harwood Infrastructure Manager
Alan Iwi Senior Software Engineer
Martin Juckes Head of BADC and Research
Phil Kershaw Technical Manager
Alison Pamment Data Scientist: metadata standards
Charlotte Pascoe Senior Data Scientist: Models
Graham Parton Senior Data Scientist: Observations
and CEDA Helpdesk Manager
Sam Pepler Head of Curation
Ruth Petrie Senior Data Scientist: Large Programmes
Matt Pritchard Operations Manager
Matt Pryor JASMIN cloud developer
Ag Stephens Head of Partnerships
Poppy Townsend Data Scientist
Willam Tucker Software Engineer
Alison Waterfall Senior Data Scientist
Matthew Wild Senior Data Scientist: UKSSDC
Ed Williamson Data Scientist
Kate Winfield Assistant Data Scientist
Richard Smith Software Engineer
Neil Massey Senior Software Engineer

Bryan Lawrence  - NCAS Director of Models and Data

Professor of Weather and Climate Computing (University of Reading).

photo of Bryan LawrenceBryan is the Director of Models and Data at the UK National Centre for Atmospheric Science, Professor of Weather and Climate Computing at the University of Reading and the Director of the STFC Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA).

Bryan's career has taken him from his native New Zealand where he studied for his undergraduate and PhD degrees at the University of Cantebury, to the University of Oxford, the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and back to New Zealand before he returned to the UK in 2000, initially, to take up the role as head of BADC, and eventually Director of the newly created CEDA.

Over the years Bryan has built up an international reputation not only for his atmospheric and climate science, but also for his widely acknowledged experience in all aspects of data management, metadata and curation. Bryan brings these skills to the wider community through involvement in numerous boards and steering committees, as well as travelling widely on the international circuit to give seminars and key note presentations.

Bryan's maintains a blog covering all aspects of data management and NWP development. 

Sam Pepler - Head of Curation

Photo of Sam PeplerSince joining the British Atmospheric Data Centre Sam has developed a portfolio of curation knowledge and experience that had lead him to his present role with CEDA. His pricipal role is to oversee all operational aspects covering the data curation role of CEDA - both overseeing the hardware aspects and work required for proper curation of data (i.e. metadata content and services).

Sam is also regularly called upon by wider groups within NERC to assist in the continued improvement of curation practices across all of NERC data centres.

Sam is also responsible for initial curation cost estimates for activities looking to use CEDA as a curation centre for their research outputs.

Martin Juckes - Head of Science and Head of BADC

Photo of Martin JuckesMartin joined the BADC in 2001 following a series of positions in Colorado (88-90), Reading (90-93), Munich (93-99) and Oxford (99-01) during which time he has published on stratospheric and tropospheric dynamics, baroclinic waves, the dynamics of the tropopause, data assimilation and paleo-climate temperature reconstructions. These positions have been a natural career progression for Martin following his degree and PhD (on stratospheric dynamics) obtained from Cambridge.

As head of atmospheric science for CEDA, Martin ensures that CEDA data services reflect and move with the needs of our designated user community. The immediate challenge is to deliver, in collaboration with European partners, the European component of the archive for the CMIP5 project; this archive will underpin much of the science that goes into the next assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Andrew Harwood - Infrastructure Manager 

Photo of Andrew HarwoodAndrew joined STFC's predecessor, "SERC" - the Science and Engineering Research Council, in 1988 holding a degree in physics (York) and an MSc in Medical Physics and Information Technology (Aberdeen). He worked for several years on various space projects, including the Infra-red Space Observatory and the original ill-fated Cluster mission. His main role in these projects was to develop software for the EGSE (Electronic Ground Support Equipment) and later to process the science data returned.

Ten years later, following his foray into satellites, Andrew brought his skill to the BADC during its early years and was instrumental in developing some of its basic software infrastructure. As our infrastruture manager Andrew has the responsbility for the basic software services of CEDA which he continues to develop and improve.

Matt Pritchard - Operations Manager

Photo of Matt PritchardMatt Pritchard oversees CEDA's operational systems including large-scale storage and network infrastructure as well as monitoring and management of the many services that make up the interface to the data archive.

Matt studied Geophysics at Leicester University before undertaking a PhD in Seismology at Durham University. He has been at RAL since 2000 when he joined as support scientist for the newly-formed NEODC. He was instrumental in setting up the (A)ATSR multi-mission archive at the NEODC, before moving on to become Development Manager and more recently Operations Manager.

Charlotte Pascoe - Senior Data Scientist: Models

Photo of Charlotte PascoeCharlotte's work at the BADC is mostly about developing standards and building tools to describe climate models and simulations.

Charlotte joined the BADC research group in 2002 following a PhD (Leeds) on The Meteorology of the Antarctic Peninsula and a year working as a visiting scientist at Meteo France.  Her research interests have ranged from stratospheric dynamics to mid-latitude convection and the interaction of weather and orography.

Charlotte is now responsible for some of the scientific content of the IPCC Data Distribution site and for documenting the scientific capabilities of the next generation of models to be used in forthcoming IPCC analyses.  She is currently project manager of the JISC funded PIMMS project which will provide universities with a metadata management tool for describing models and simulations. 

Alison Pamment - Data Scientist:metadata standards

Photo of Alison PammentAlison initially joined CEDA as a researcher in 2003 before taking up her present role developing the CF (Climate-Forecast) metadata conventions. Her CF work has particular responsibility for the controlled vocabularies within the conventions and focuses on the development of CF Standard Names. Alison has been involved with service development to allow easier maintenance of controlled vocabularies to aid use by the science community - e.g. the CEDA vocabulary editor, which interacts directly with the NERC vocabulary server.

Alison holds a degree in physics and astronomy (Sussex) and an OU maths degree completed while working at the Met Office. After joining the Met Office in 1989 Alison worked initially in nowcasting using weather radar data before moving to the Hadley Centre.

Richard Smith - Software Engineer

Richard joined CEDA in 2016 as a Software Developer after using Python to automate parts of his previous job in order to pursue more interesting code based tasks. Richard completed a degree in Meteorology and Climate Science from Leeds University in 2015 and now develops web applications for both internal and external users and is currently building an Elasticsearch based solution to increase data discoverability at CEDA.

Ed Williamson - Data Scientist


Ag Stephens - Head of Partnerships

Photo of Ag Stephen's - Head of PartnershipsAg acts as a dedicated point of contact with our external partners - including the Met Office and DEFRA, to ensure that CEDA remains fully engaged with projects that require CEDA's widely acknowledged experience in data curation and online services. 

Ag joined the BADC as a Data Scientist in 2002, following his Masters in Atmospheric Sciences at UEA, developing software, such as the BADC’s Data Extractor tool, to solve data-related problems. In 2004 he was seconded to work as a "BADC mole" in the UK Met Office in Exeter.

More recently Ag’s role evolved to become CEDA's Collaborative Projects Manager, still based at the Met Office's Hadley Centre in Exeter. This has permitted significant involvement in the development of the UK Climate Projections (UKCP09) User Interface, CMIP5 data management and many other collaborative and data-centric activities.

Visit Ag's website for further information about Ag's activities:

Phil Kershaw - Technical Manager

Photo of Phil KershawPhil is CEDAs EO Technical Manager, responsible for the delivery of information and computing systems in support of CEDA's EO strategy, having joined the BADC in 2004 following work in a number of software based projects within RAL. Prior to joining RAL Space Phil worked in the EO industry developing applications for image processing and image registration for EO data, leading to his present 15 years development experience as an experienced software engineer in EO and remote sensing, climate and space science.    

Through this work Phil has gained a specialist knowledge in access control and security for federated systems, being a major contributor to the access control architecture for the Earth System Grid Federation, a globally distributed infrastructure deployed to support CMIP5 and with STFC e-Science contributing to the security system for Contrail, an EU Framework 7 – a project to develop an Open Source and federated Cloud computing infrastructure).

He is currently working as the Technical Vision Authority for CEMS.

See Phil's blog for his latest news:

Steve Donegan - Senior Data Scientist: Earth Observation

Photo of Steve doneganFollowing his degree (Anglia) in 1997 and Masters in EO (Leicester) in 1998 Steve’s geological training lead him to work in the oil exploration industry for a short while as a software testing engineer before he gained his PhD with the OU. Between 1999 and 2003 Steve used various remote sensing and field methods to study active Volcanism at various sites throughout the world, becoming ever more experienced with EO data, processing and support and then join the NEODC in 2003.

Since joining the NEODC Steve has been involved in various efforts to develop and deploy various services for the discovery and dissemination of EO data and support and handles most NEODC datasets.  Steve also looks after the CEDA Discovery Metadata system, ensuring that all CEDA datasets are published according to the various relevant standards.  Steve’s skills are centred on the development of services related to EO data, including Python and Java programming, XML technologies and the provision of Web Services. 

Graham Parton - Senior Data Scientist for Observations and CEDA Helpdesk Manager

Photo of Graham PartonGraham joined CEDA in 2007 as he completed his atmospheric physics PhD (Manchester) on the observation of strong winds using the MST radar. His PhD had a particular focus on Sting Jets and a climatology of free tropospheric winds over the British Isles, which he continues to investigate using radiosonde data available at the BADC when he is not carrying out his data management roles. Prior to his PhD Graham obtained a Masters in Physics with Astrophysics (Birmingham).

Within CEDA Graham has a dual role as a data scientists looking after observational data products, mainly from the Met Office, as well as running the CEDA user support services. This latter role is centred on the various CEDA helpdesks acting as the first point of call for all user problems and enquiries, but he can also be seen at various conferences running the BADC trade stand.

Ruth Petrie - Senior Data Scientist for large programme data

Photo of Ruth Petrie Ruth has a PhD from the University of Reading where she worked with the National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO) and the Met Office on High Resolution Data Assimilation for Numerical Weather Prediction. She then worked with the National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS) performing climate model experiments investigating the potential impacts on climate of Arctic sea ice decline.

Ruth joined CEDA in October 2015 as a Senior Data Scientist with responsibility for large programme data; such as the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP) 6 data. Ruth also works closely with the Met Office Hadley Centre on the ingestion of their observational projects.

Alison Waterfall - Senior Data Scientist: Earth Observation

Alison has a background in atmospheric remote sensing, focusing on the use of infrared spectrometers to study the composition of the atmosphere. Following a DPhil in Oxford, and a post-doctoral position in the Earth Observation Science Group at the University of Leicester, she joined RAL Space in 2005 to work in the Remote Sensing Group. Alison brought her Earth Observation skills to begin work as a data scientist in CEDA in 2012.

William Tucker - Software Engineer

Photo of William TuckerWilliam joined the CEDA team as a new graduate from Aberystwyth University after receiving an MEng in Software Engineering. His course had a strong focus on AI and knowledge representation, which lent itself well to working with semantic vocabularies and annotation. As well as this, he has experience building web applications and managing software development life-cycles.

Making extensive use of Python, William assists in the development and maintenance of CEDA’s web and cloud services. As the scope of CEDA's software requirements evolve, he will be on hand to ensure new technologies are implemented gracefully.

Neil Massey - Senior Software Engineer 

Neil joined CEDA in 2016 after working on the (CPDN) and weather@home (w@h) projects at the University of Oxford for over 10 years.  Using Volunteer Distributed Computing, CPDN and w@h computes very large ensembles of global and regional climate models, producing a corresponding large amount of data. Neil used this data to study the influence of climate on extreme events, including heatwaves, floods and European winter wind storms, for historical, future and non-anthropogenic climate scenarios.

At CEDA Neil is using his experience of large datasets to develop solutions to storing and accessing the very large archive of data held at CEDA and to ensure that CEDA is ready to migrate the archive to the next generation of storage hardware.  This includes new methods of using tape and exploiting object stores via semantic file-fragmentation.

Neil holds a BSc. in Computing Science and Mathematics from the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, an MSc. in Cognitive Science from the University of Birmingham and a DPhil. in Atmospheric Physics from the University of Oxford.

Victoria Bennett - Director of the STFC Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA)

Photo of Victoria BennettDr. Victoria Bennett is Director of CEDA, the Centre for Environmental Data Analysis based at STFC/RAL. She has 15 years’ experience in atmospheric and environmental remote sensing research and data management.

For the last ten years at the CEDA she has had responsibility for data management in support of the National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO) and broader UK academic Earth Observation community, working with data providers, users and other key stakeholders (e.g. ESA, UKSA, Satellite Applications Catapult). She has contributed to ESA and EC funded projects on archival and dissemination of EO and climate data, as well as activities on EO data visualisation and exploitation, and sits on several EO data-related committees.

Previously to this she worked as a remote sensing scientist, on algorithm development and data analysis for atmospheric sensors at RAL and the University of Oxford. She holds a DPhil in Atmospheric Physics from Oxford, an MSc in Oceanography from Southampton, and a BSc in Physics with Study in France from Bristol.

Recently Victoria has worked in the ESA Climate Office at Harwell on data harmonisation for the Climate Change Initiative Programme, leading the CCI Data Standards Working Group. She is currently the Project Scientist for CEMS, the facility for Climate and Environmental Monitoring from Space, in partnership with the Satellite Applications Catapult, and is responsible for the academic component of the UK Collaborative Ground Segment for Sentinel data.

Sarah Callaghan - CEDA programme manager

Photo of Sarah CallaghanSarah first joined STFC as part of the Radio Communications Research Unit in 1999. She gained her PhD in 2004, (Portsmouth) on the space-time variability of rain fields and their impact on radio communications systems operating above 10 GHz. During her RCRU time Sarah created, processed and analysed several long term radio propagation datasets as well as project managed and provided technical input into ten Ofcom funded projects, worth a total of over £1.5 million.

Sarah is currently the CEDA programme manager, responsible for bid preparation, project management and technical research, having project managed the EU-funded METAFOR, and CLIPC projects and the JISC-funded OJIMS and ACRID projects.

She is Editor-in-Chief for the Data Science Journal and is a member of the CODATA Executive Committee. She is Communications Manager for the NERC Data Operations Group - working with members of the other NERC data centres to share best practice.

Wendy Garland - Senior Data Scientist: Aircraft

Photo of Wendy GarlandWendy joined CEDA in 2003 following her PhD (Aberystwyth) and time as a postdoctoral research looking at the transport of tropospheric ozone using ozonesondes and aircraft measurements, and a subsequent fellowship at Dublin Institute of Technology monitoring urban pollution. Within CEDA Wendy is a senior data scientist responsible for the data management of aircraft data including the FAAM and NERC-ARSF datasets and leads the data-archiving workpackage of the EU-funded EUFAR project. In addition, Wendy supports data management for other NERC funded projects and science programmes.

Esther Conway - Senior Data Scientist: Earth Observation

Photo of Esther ConwayEsther joined CEDA in 2011 as an Earth Observation Data Scientist providing level management support to ESA in the ESA LTDP initiative in addition to data curation and management activities at CEDA.  Before transferring to  CEDA she worked as an Analyst within STFC (06 -11) working on UK and European research projects aimed at strengthening the long-term reuse and exploitation of scientific data: SCIDIP- ES, ENSURE; SCAPE, PARSE INSIGHT; CASPAR; DCC – SCARP. Her role  on these projects involved the provision of research analysis, training and project management. The particular focus of her  research was the development of process/information models and methods which support the creation and exploitation of scientific research assets. Responsibilities included writing of project proposal, papers and deliverables.

In addition to working within scientific archives Esther spent many years in the world of commercial publishing managing technical data and training services to academic institutions across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Esther holds a BSc in Physics (Imperial College London) and an MSc in Information Systems and Technology (City University). She is also a certified  Prince 2 practitioner in project manager.

Poppy Townsend - Data Scientist

Poppy joined CEDA in 2014 under the STFC graduate recruitment programme following a BSc in Ocean Science at Plymouth University. Within this degree, for her final year project she focused upon specific meteorological processes and how they differ across regions of the UK. Poppy’s work within CEDA is to support data management for NERC funded projects and other general science support tasks.

Hayley Gray - User Support and Metadata Services Operator

Hayley joined CEDA in 2015 as a helpdesk operator making her the first point of contact between CEDA and the global research community. In addition to this, Hayley also assists with updating and editing the CEDA data catalogue and is responsible for cataloguing data about solar plates for the UKSSDC. Hayley is currently undertaking a BSc(Hons) in Astronomy and Planetary Science with the Open University and holds a Distinction in Meteorology level 3 certificate.

Kate Winfield - Assistant Data Scientist

Kate joined CEDA in 2017 as a new graduate from Coventry University after completing a BSc in Physical Geography. Within this degree she completed a placement year at CEDA in 2015 as an Assistant Atmospheric Data Scientist where she was a finalist at the Year in Industry Contribution to Business Awards in 2016. For her final year project she focused on the effect of air masses on air pollution at the Weybourne Atmospheric Observatory graduating with a 1st Class degree. Kate’s work within CEDA is to support data management for NERC funded projects and other general science programmes.


Alan Iwi - Senior Software Engineer

Alan joined the BADC in 2001 following a DPhil and postdoctoral research in Oxford (on middle atmospheric dynamics and chemical transport).

He worked on the NERC-funded COAPEC and VALOR projects, doing research using coupled models and providing support for coupled models on Linux clusters. He was also involved with UKCP09 and with BADC support for the HiGEM project.

These days, his main roles are as manager of the Earth System Grid Federation data services at CEDA, and providing scientific software support for users of JASMIN. He also develops software, mostly related to the delivery of climate model data to CEDA.


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