Former Team Members

Former members of the CEDA team are:

Photo of Eduardo de Costa Eduardo Damasio Da Costa Data Scientist: Models
holding image Anabelle Guillory Data Scientist: Metadata Content 
Photo of Sarah James Sarah James Data Scientist: UKSSDC
Photo of Kevin Marsh Kevin Marsh Senior Data Scientist: Data Ingestion
Maurizio Nagmi Maurizio Nagni Software Developer
Photo of Stephen Pascoe Stephen Pascoe Technical Manager 
holding image Kleanthis Tsaousis Software Engineer
Photo of Spiros Ventouras Spiros Ventouras Data Modelling
holding image Joanne Walker Data Scientist

Anabelle Guillory - Data Scientist: Metadata content

With an M. Phil. in Meteorology (Reading) and background in Applied Physics, Anabelle joined the BADC in the early years of its creation. As a result Anabelle has a wide ranging experience as an Environmental Data Scientist within CEDA and is one of the backbones of the day-to-day running of CEDA.

Anabelle is a key member of the CEDA User support team, delivering high quality support to the scientific community in finding and interpreting the data they need. In her data scientist role, Anabelle ensures the accuracy of the CEDA Metadata catalogue, an essential service for our users to discover, understand and use data archived at CEDA. In line with this, Anabelle is responsible for data management for a number of NERC funded science programmes.

Eduardo Damasio Da Costa - Data Scientist: models

Photo of EduardoEduardo joined CEDA in 2010 as a data scientist to provide input into the MIRP project (, led by Martin Juckes, and aimed at facilitating access to the CMIP5 data and to provide derived products for users. Eduardo's work includes the production of atmospheric and oceanographic indices of the North Atlantic Oscillation Index, the Southern Oscillation Index and the  Global Upper Ocean Heat Content. This work matches his research interests in low-frequency atmospheric variability, mid-latitude ocean-atmosphere interaction and data analysis.  Eduardo also helps in the ingestion and archiving of CEDA datasets such as the CMIP5 data.

Stephen Pascoe - Technical Manager

Photo of Stephen PascoeStephen was recently appointed as a Technical Manager within CEDA to acknowledge his expertise with online services and the detailed off line resources needed to support them. Stephen was instrumental in the deployment of a network of services underpinning the high profile UKCP09 site's weather generator service. More recently he has coordinated the technical support from CEDA for the latest CMIP5 distributed data archive, which spans the globe through the Earth System Grid Federation.

Sarah James - Data Scientist: UKSSDC

Photo of Sarah JamesSarah has worked in data services in RAL Space since 1999, when she joined the World Data Centre for Solar Terrestrial Physics (STP) as a trainee data specialist. She has also been a data provider, managing the UK Ionospheric Monitoring project for a couple of years.

Sarah’s current role is as a data specialist in the UK Solar System Data Centre, providing access to and archiving of data relating to the Sun and its impact on the Earth and the Space Environment. The UKSSDC includes the World Data Centre for STP and supports both NERC and STFC science.

Spiros Ventouras - Senior Data Scientist: data modelling. 

Photo of Spiros VentourasSpiros joined CEDA in 2008 from STFC-RAL's Radio Communication Research Unit, where he was a project manager and researcher in the interaction of electromagnetic waves with the atmosphere in a number of UK and international (mainly ESA funded) programmes.

Within CEDA Spiros's focus is data management and information data modelling. He is currently the  editor of  MOLES: the Metadata Objects for Linking Environmental Sciences, the editor of INSPIRE Annex III Thematic Working Group Atmospheric Conditions and Meteorological Features. In addition Spiros is involved in the EU Framework 7 Science Data Infrastructure for Preservation –Earth Science.

Spiros has a diploma in Electrical Engineering and PhD in Applied Mathematics from the National Technical University of Athens and an MSc in Statistics (Reading).

Kleanthis TsaousisPhoto of Kleanthis Tsaousis to come

Kleanthis joined CEDA in 2014 as a software engineer on our development team.

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